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  • What do I need to wear?
    Something comfortable, ideally not too baggy so I can see your movements and provide any guidance
  • Can Pilates help me lose weight?
    As with any exercise, with a calorie controlled diet and guidance from a nutritionist, Pilates is an excellent addition to any health and fitness programme.
  • Can men do Pilates? I thought it was just for middle-aged women
    Of course, Pilates was created by a man, Joseph Pilates so it's for everyone, regardless of age or gender!
  • Can you teach me how to touch my toes?
    Yes, we can definitely work on that!
  • I don't have back pain, can I still attend your classes?
    Definitely. Pilates is a great way to keep moving, whether you have back pain or are generally fit and healthy.
  • Are there changing rooms at St John's Church or the Sydenham Centre?
    While there isn't a dedicated changing room, at both venues there are toilets where you can change. Both have a large disabled cubicle which you can use.
  • Is there any dedicated parking?
    St John's Church has free parking available on site. Unfortunately, there's no dedicated parking at the Sydenham Centre, but there are numerous side roads nearby which you can park in.
  • Do I need to bring a mat or are they provided?
    You will need to bring your own mat. There are a few spare mats at the Sydenham Centre that you can use if you forget yours.
  • How many people do you have in your classes?
    I limit the class size to 12 participants so the class sizes are small enough so that I can offer you any help or exercise modifications.
  • How much are the Pilates classes?
    The first class is free then after that, there are a few different options depending on how often you’d like to attend, ranging from £7 - £14 per class.
  • Do you teach Reformer Pilates?
    Yes I teach reformer Pilates classes at Everybody Reformer in Eden park BR3 every Tuesday morning. I’m also able to offer private reformer sessions there, which is great if you’re recovering from an injury or want to improve your practice further.
  • What if I find the exercises too difficult?
    In all my classes I offer modifications and encourage you to work at your own level. If you are finding a particular exercise challenging, feel free to let me know and we can work on this together to help you.
  • Can I attend Pilates classes if I'm pregnant?
    Pilates is an excellent form of exercise to do pre-, during and post-pregnancy and I can modify the exercises depending on what stage you are at. It's great in terms of pelvic floor health, overall wellbeing and building and maintaining upper body strength to pick up the baby once it's born! Do get in touch if you have any further questions and we can discuss how we can tailor the sessions so you can keep practicing Pilates throughout your pregnancy.
  • My daughter/son would like to try Pilates classes, do you have an age limit for your classes?
    I welcome children 14 and over, however those under 16 will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian must stay for the duration of the class.
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