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Just one thing...Pilates!

Can you believe it's nearly the festive season? One of my regular class attendees recently directed me to Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley on BBC Radio 4. In this episode, Michael challenges a keen tennis player to take up Pilates and see if he can improve his serve, whilst a Pilates expert from the University of San Paulo reveals all about the benefits of Pilates on our cardiovascular endurance, core strength and healthy ageing. It's just 15 minutes long, so worth a listen. In one study, sedentary participants practised Pilates for just 1 hour a week and saw significant improvement in core strength in just 10 weeks. So if you've been meaning to try a Pilates class, there's no need to wait until the New Year! If you start now, you'll see healthy changes in your body by mid-January! I'd love to see you in a Pilates class before the year ends. Book your Pilates class now

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