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What Pilates Mat should I buy?

I often get asked 'What Pilates mat should I buy? so thought I'd share a few of my favourite Pilates mats.

Pilates and yoga mats can be difficult to tell apart as they are similar in size, but they vary in thickness and density. Pilates Mats tend to be thicker (>5mm to 10mm) and a bit squishier, while Yoga Mats tend to be thinner (>5mm) and have a bit more grip.

I’ve tried and tested a few over the years, so here are a few of my favourites. Some can be more expensive than others, which can put people off, but I like to consider the cost per use, especially if you are going to be using your mat to exercise at least once week for a year, 2 or even more, then you want to have something that feels nice to lie on!

This mat is nice and squishy – 10mm thickness, so great if you find yoga mats too thin, especially when you are lying on your side. This one is a good length as I find some can be a bit short (especially if you’re 5”8 or over) It’s also Latex-free. The only downside is that it’s quite bulky, so not ideal if you have to carry around from place to place, but otherwise an excellent mat

This mat is on the thinner side (4mm) as it’s a traditional yoga mat. Good grip if you tend to find your current mat a bit slippery and rolls up well so it’s not too bulky to carry around.

An eco-friendly option, made of cork! Thin (3mm) and lightweight, stocked by Wearth, one of my favourite websites for eco-friendly products.

If you're looking for a budget option, TKMaxx or Decathlon always have a selection. Do check the length and the thickness as I've noted above as one time I did make the mistake of buying a mat that was too short!

Hope that helps you with buying a Pilates mat and if you have any other favourites, please share and I can add to my list.


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