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Sick of relentless back pain keeping you awake at night?

Frustrated with constant neck and shoulder discomfort after a long day hunched over your desk?

Tired of feeling stiff and achy every morning and completely lacking the confidence to get on with your day?

Fed up with not feeling any better despite doing everything everyone keeps telling you to do?

You Are Not Alone!

Join your complimentary 
Reduce back ache and spring out of bed 
Pilates session

In this 45 minute complimentary Pilates session
You Will Discover...


The best ways to exercise to ease back pain and stop taking painkillers to get through daily activities


Super simple, fast, and effective ways to improve your flexibility and be able to spring out of bed every morning


How to become stronger, be more confident and learn to like what you see in the mirror

Woman, Helen Vassar, doing Pilates Teaser exercise

Hi, I'm Helen

I help people improve their health and wellbeing by providing Pilates classes online. 

For years I suffered with chronic back pain and was miserable. I was sitting at a desk for long periods and when I did try and exercise, I would struggle through it, then give up because I was in so much pain. I was stressed out, on constant fight or flight mode and knew I needed to make some changes to my habits to feel better.

I know the realities of working a stressful job and how hard it can be to fit in exercise around a busy schedule, especially when you are exhausted.  Regular movement is one of the most important things you can do to feel better and I’d love you help you learn the best ways to exercise to ease back pain and feel stronger and more confident.

Here is what my clients have said, who had previously struggled

 to relieve their chronic back ache and discomfort

Speech quotation marks

The session was immensely helpful if you are feeling stiff/tight in muscles after sitting down all day. It was a good, mindful, way to improve flexibility and core strength. And it was fun! 

Steve, Bromley


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Yes, I want to join the complimentary session!

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