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How can you make one small change today?

Like most of us, I use my phone quite a lot! A lot more than I’d like to, so after reading about how changing your phone to grayscale can reduce your phone use by 40 minutes per day, I thought I’d give it a go for a weekend. One small change to see if it made any difference to my life.

We often get caught up over trying to change lots of things all at once and then getting annoyed at ourselves when we haven’t miraculously improved (New Years resolutions anyone?) so I like the idea of making just one change and becoming aware of the difference. We’ve been making little changes in Pilates class recently, like doing the bridging exercise with our eyes closed instead of open. Holding up in a chest lift for extra breath. Crossing our legs over in non-habitual way when sitting cross-legged or even trying a z-sit. Instead of beating ourselves up about not making lots of improvements, how could you change one thing to see if it makes a difference? Adding heel raises to your day? Doing some squats? 5 mins of Pilates book openings or side to side in bed? Or even attending a Pilates class instead of staying late at work or watching TV? Just a few ideas! You’re probably wondering how putting my phone into grayscale mode experiment went. I did use my phone less and by bringing some awareness to what I was doing when using my phone really helped. Did I keep my phone on grayscale? I’ll be honest and say I was relieved to change it back to full colour but maybe when I notice my phone usage start to creep up, I’m inclined to try it again.

If you’re using an Apple device, here’s how to switch it to Grayscale if you want to give it a go: Setting —> Accessibility —> Display & Text Size — Color Filters —> Switch to On and click Grayscale.


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