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Stress in the workplace and how Pilates can help

What stresses you out about working in an office?




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How does that stress make your body feel? How does the stress physically manifest itself in your body?

Do your shoulders feel tense? Do your shoulders creep up towards your ears? Do you hunch over?

Do you experience headaches?

Tightness in the lower back?

Sore neck?

Have you ever noticed how a lot of how we function in the workplace is either reflecting on the past, like yearly appraisals or performance reviews or thinking about the future, like forecasts, and budget projections. It's challenging to bring your awareness into the present moment.

Our breath is always present, so during moments of stress, it's useful to bring your attention to your breath, even just for 1 minute.

Would you like to cultivate a sense of calm and mindfulness in your workplace? Have you either thought about offering regular Pilates classes to your staff?

Pilates can help ease tight shoulders, improve posture, ease lower back pain and help with neck soreness.

Book a complimentary Pilates session for you and up to 8 members of your staff by completing the Contact form. We can host the session via Zoom or in person at your office.


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